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Format: cd/dvd
Artist: Magenta
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Magenta We Are Legend cd dvd
Magenta's 2017 studio release We Are Legend marks a first for the band as it's the first album where the live and studio line-up are one and the same. 
Featuring only three songs (including the 26 minute Trojan), We Are Legend represents a bold new step for the Progressive stalwarts.
Rob Reed says, 'It was time to try something different, musically and lyrically. I've always kept to a relatively small musical pallet with the previous albums, but I felt that we had reached a crossroads and wanted to try something new."
CD/DVD (ntsc, all regions) edition featuring a 5.1 surround mix of the album, promo videos and an interview.
1. Trojan (26:09)
2. Colours (10:45)
3. Legend (11:32)
DVD (ntsc, all regions):
5.1 surround DTS/Dolby Digital mix of the album
Video promos
Video Interview