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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Kyros
CatNo: PLG070
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Kyros Haken Vox Humana Vinyl
Kyros (known as Synaesthesia between 2012-2015) are considered one of the rising stars of the current Post-Prog scene. Vox Humana is the band's acclaimed second studio album from 2016.
Double 180g audiophile vinyl LP, with lined inner sleeves and lyric insert. 
The first pressing is numbered and strictly limited to just 300 copies. 
Kyros offers an inventive sound that draws on influences ranging from Depeche Mode and Kate Bush through to modern Post-Progressive and alternative rock music such as Muse and Porcupine Tree.
In addition to its two studio albums, Kyros has performed a number of high profile shows ranging from festival dates in UK, Germany and USA to supports for the likes of MarillionAnathema, BigElf, Spock’s Beard and IQ. 
Vox Humana features a full live brass section with parts arranged by Raymond Hearne - better known as the drummer in the progressive metal band, Haken - and mastered by Jens Bogren (Haken, DragonForce and Opeth) in Sweden.
Side 1
Vox Humana 0:28
Technology Killed The Kids II 7:41
Cloudburst 6:02
Persistence Of Vision 5:49
Side 2
The Lamb, The Badger, & The Bee 6:41
New Paradigm 8:58
Side 3
Mind Electric 5:53
Speak To Me 4:22
Persistence Of Perfection 4:59
Monster 4:50
Hounds 3:08
Side 4
The Darkness Grove 3:12
Boiling Point 5:53
Ego 5:02
Dilate 8:17