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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Henry Priestman
CatNo: PLG005
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Henry Priestman The Chronicles Of Modern Life vinyl
The first solo album from the lauded songwriter behind The Yachts, It's Immaterial, The Christians. 
Henry has produced a stellar selection of songs dealing with relationships, ageing and the world at large.
Heavyweight vinyl version. All copies are hand-numbered.
Side 1:
1. don't you love me no more? 3:25
2. old 3:06
3. what you doing' with me? 3:51
4. it's called a heart 3:04
5. grey's the new blonde 4:03
6. he ain't good enough for you 3:22
Side 2:
1. the idiot 3:24
2. the sacred scrolls of pop 3:56
3. no to the logo 3:58
4. did i fight in the punk wars for this? 4:12
5. it's what you leave behind 3:36
6. goodbye mr. lee (...and thanks) 1:22