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Format: vinyl
Artist: Chris Difford
CatNo: PLG002
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Chris Difford I Didnt Get Where I Am vinyl
Released to rave reviews in 2002 and a world away from the style of his main band Squeeze, Chris Difford's debut solo release I Didn't Get Where I Am is an emotional and sweetly melodic singer-songwriter orientated album produced and co-written by Francis Dunnery.
This is a limited edition audiophile 180gm double vinyl version in a gatefold sleeve.
Side 1:
1. Tight Rope
2. For A Change
3. Cowboys Are My Weakness
Side 2:
1. No Show Jones
2. A World That Passed Me By
3. One Day
Side 3:
1. Playing With Electric Trains
2. Lamas Fayre
3. Trafalgar Square
4. Parents
Side 4 (Demos):
1. For A Change
2. Cathy Come Home
3. A World That Passed Me By
4. Take Me 
5. Cowboys Are My Weakness