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Firebird VII Phil Manzanera CD

Phil Manzanera's 2008 all-instrumental solo album Firebird VII is something of a contemporary companion piece to his earlier highly regarded outings, Primitive Guitars and Quiet Sun.

Reuniting Manzanera with Quiet Sun / This Heat drummer Charles Hayward, and featuring a Bill MacCormick composition, Firebird VII is a powerful and lyrical album that includes some of the most joyously uncompromising and creative music of Manzanera's career.
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1. Fortunately I Had One With Me (W MacCormick) 4:47
2. Cartagena (Manzanera) 6:11
3. FIReEBIReD" (Mozdzer) 5:57
4. Mexican Hat (Manzanera/Hayward/Mozdzer/Stavi) 10:42
5. Firebird V11 (Manzanera) 5:58
6. A Few Minutes (Stavi) 7:12
7. After Magritte (Hayward) 7:18