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Format: cd
Artist: Phil Manzanera
CatNo: 4720381
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Phil Manzanera The Sound Of Blue cd


Phil Manzanera's 2015 album The Sound of Blue is an instrumental 'musical memoir' featuring two songs.
Produced by Manzanera and mastered by Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson, the album's 10 tracks represent another creative peak in this singular musician's career. 
Please note: these are not signed by Phil Manzanera but it does come with a free exclusive postcard.


1. Magdalena
2. 1960 Caracas (featuring Sonia Bernardo)
3. The Sound of Blue
4. Rosemullion Head
5. Halmstad
6. Tramuntana
7. High Atlas
8. Mi Casa
9. In Conversation with Andy Mackay
10. No Church in the Wild (featuring Sonia Bernardo)