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Artist: 801
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CD Latino 801


In the 2000s, the 801 concept of teaming eclectic musicians continued Latino style.
As Phil Manzanera says, "Somehow from the chaos, this selection of Latin music emerged. It spans the period of the 40's to the 90's and in many ways is a snapshot of the music that has accompanied my musical journey starting in Havana in 1957."
This is the digi-pack Collector's version with new photos.


1. Castellano (Que Bueno Baila Usted)
2. Mama Hue
3. Yolanda
4. Son De La Loma
5. El Bodeguero
6. La Noche / Corcovado
7. Hasta Siempre
8. Flor De Azalea / Yo Soy De La Habana
9. Mirarse Por Adentro
10. Rayo De Bala
11. Bacalao Con Pan
Mama Hue CD ROM