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Artist: 801
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801 801 Live - Collectors Edition CD

801 Live is regarded as one of the truly great 1970s live releases.

A supergroup comprising Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno, Francis Monkman (Sky, Curved Air), Bill MacCormick (Matching Mole), Lloyd Watson and drummer's drummer Simon Phillips, 801 produced an adventurous Art Rock music, mainly drawing on the catalogues of Manzanera, Eno and Quiet Sun.
The album includes the band's celebrated epic rendition of Tomorrow Never Knows.
This edition comes in a beautiful DVD sized digi-book format and features a bonus disc of rehearsals, and a comprehensive booklet containing refections from all the musicians involved plus many period reviews and photos.
Please note: these copies are NOT signed by Phil Manzanera.
"A great live album. Eno handles most of the vocals, and Tomorrow Never Knows is pure magic." (Uncut)
"Certainly a record for Eno & Prog-heads of the time and one that still sounds pretty wild these days." (Head Heritage)
"An album brimming with ideas and inspiration." (Liquorice)
"A fruitful meeting-ground between Quiet Sun's experimental free form jazz, Roxy's snazzy commercial bite, and Eno's highly personal games / adventures with words and music." (Sounds)

Disc One:

1. Lagrima (2:34)
2. T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows) (6:14)
3. East of Asteroid (4:58)
4. Rongwrong (5:10)
5. Sombre Reptiles (3:14)
6. Golden Hours (4:16) 
7. Fat Lady of Limbourg (5:51) 
8. Baby's on Fire (5:02) 
9. Diamond Head (6:21)
10. Miss Shapiro (4:20)
11. You Really Got Me (3:23)
12. Third Uncle (5:14)
Disc Two:
Rehearsals recorded at Shepperton Studios, 23/8/76:
1. Lagrima 
2. T.N.K. (Tomorrow Never Knows) 
3. East of Asteroid 
4. Rongwrong
5. Sombre Reptiles
6. Fat Lady of Limbourg
7. Baby's on Fire
8. Diamond Head
9. Miss Shapiro 
10. You Really Got Me
11. Third Uncle 
12. Lagrima (Reprise)