Price: £13.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Peter Gabriel
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Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel 4 - deutsches albu vinyl
The German language version of Peter Gabriel's self-titled fourth solo album, also known as SECURITY, available again in its original LP configuration.
The album has been Half-Speed Remastered and cut to lacquers at 33rpm on heavyweight vinyl. 
Vinyl cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering, mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis and overseen by Peter's main sound engineer Richard Chappell. 
Sleeve artwork and inner bag as per the original LP release. The album comes with a download card with a choice of digital download (Hi-Res 24/96k or 16/44.1k)
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1: Der Rhythmus Der Hitze  
2: Das Fischernetz
3: Kon - Takt!
4: San Jacinto
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1: Schock Den Affen
2: Handauflegen
3: Nicht Die Erde Hat Dich Verschluckt
4: Mundzumundbeatmung