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Artist: Aura Noir
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The Merciless Aura Noir Vinyl
Norway's Aura Noir was formed in 1993 by Aggressor and Apollyon in pursuit of a more thrash-based form of black metal than much of what was coming out at the time - particularly in their homeland - citing bands such as Slayer, Sodom and Kreator as inspirations along with purveyors of the scene such as Venom, for a dirtier, stripped down, violent black/thrash metal sound. Their first official release was the 'Dreams Like Deserts' EP on Hot Records in 1994, and from there-on the band has become a cult act. 
'The Merciless' was the brutal 2004 masterpiece from Aura Noir, and the first release on Darkthrone's Peaceville imprint, Tyrant Syndicate.
Aura Noir, formed out of the mighty likes of Mayhem, Cadaver and Dodheimsgard, developed a strong underground fan base through its high-profile touring with the likes of Aeturnus and Nocturnal Breed. 
This vinyl edition of 'The Merciless' contains the bonus track 'Sulphur Void'.
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Side A:
1. Upon The Dark Throne 
2. Condor 
3. Black Metal Jaw 
4. Hell's Fire 
Side B:
5. Black Deluge Night 
6. Funeral Thrash 
7. Sordid 
8. Merciless 
9. Sulphur Void