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Artist: Unholy
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Unholy From_the_Shadows 2CD Peaceville
Double CD edition of From the Shadows, marking the 30th anniversary of Unholy’s classic 1993 debut. Also includes the cult 1989 Kill Jesus demo.
Often recognised as one of the forefathers of the funeral doom sub-genre, Unholy, from Finland, formed in 1988. In the band’s earlier years, starting under the moniker of Holy Hell, their style began as more a black/death/doom metal mix but progressed to a style of atmospheric, experimental doom metal.
Unholy recorded 4 albums throughout their career before disbanding in 2002 and leaving a legacy as a very influential and legendary act in the Finnish doom metal scene who are still highly respected today. ‘From the Shadows’ was the band’s debut full-length album and was originally released back in 1993. The album was known for its dark textured death/doom metal mixed with some unusual & often avantgarde arrangements. Unholy’s willingness to experiment with sounds and moods helped create a strong and uniquely twisted atmosphere on ‘From the Shadows’; slow pounding doom metal epics aided by the presence of creeping synths.
This double disc edition marks 30 years since 'From the Shadows' first surfaced and, in addition to the album itself, includes the entire 1989 'Kill Jesus' demo, which was recorded under the pre-Unholy name of Holy Hell. This release also includes a fold-out booklet emulating the original CD pressing, and also features the band poster on the flipside.
1 Alone
2 Gray Blow
3 Creative Lunacy
4 Autumn
5 Stench Of Ishtar
6 Colossal Vision
7 Time Has Gone
8 The Trip Was Infra Green
9 Passe Tiermes
1 Intro 
2 Time Has Gone 
3 Death Will Rule 
4 Nuclear Mass 
5 Infinite Hell 
6 Hate Hard Rock (Or Die)