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Artist: Tormentor
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Tormentor Recipe_Ferrum CD Peaceville Mayhem
The 2000 release of experimental grandeur from the Hungarian Black Metal pioneers Tormentor (featuring current Mayhem vocalist Attilla Csihar). 
Hungarian black metal pioneers Tormentor formed in 1986, with their influential but long-delayed debut album ‘Anno Domini’ gaining notoriety particularly through the Scandinavian black metal scene at the time, reaching Norway by way of tape trading before eventually being released by Samoth of Emperor’s label, Nocturnal Art Productions in 1995. Tormentor’s career began with the cult release ‘The Seventh Day of Doom’, with the band line-up most famously featuring current Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar.
‘Recipe Ferrum!’ originally saw a release in 2000, & was created during a more experimental period for the band following a large period of inactivity, having originally split in 1991. ‘Recipe Ferrum!’ is undoubtedly Tormentor’s most diverse release to date, as well as their last. Wholly unconventional yet often unsettling, & unafraid to push beyond the boundaries of extreme metal, ‘Recipe Ferrum’ effortlessly flows throughout a wide variety of eclectic moods & genre styles, exploring the avantgarde & often the theatrical to its fullest to create an entirely unique ambience throughout the album’s journey.
1 Intro: Blood, Soul, Sun, Power, Dark, Love, Night, History
2 Intro - Recipe Ferrum!
3 Recipe Ferrum!
4 Intro - Iron County
5 Iron County
6 The Little Match Girl
7 Intro - Dracula!
8 Dracula!
9 Cara Mia
10 Intro - Paprika Jancsi
11 Paprika Jancsi
12 Hany Istok
13 A Hetszunyu Kaponyanyi Monyok
14 Brummadza
15 Hany Istok (Barlang mix)
16 Outro - A` Ordog - The Devil