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Artist: The Provenance
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The Provenance Red Flags Peaceville cd
'Red Flags' is the fourth album by The Provenance, and their debut for Peaceville Records. 
With a hunger for experimentation and creativity, since their birth in the later 1990?s each album has moved further from their original blend of death metal with progressive & folk influences to what is undoubtedly a huge leap forward for this Swedish female-fronted group with a difference. 
Here The Provenance supply a new, non-conforming take on metal with their own brand of darkened rock, with the beautiful vocals of Emma Hellström mixing perfectly with those of Tobias Martinsson.
'Red Flags' was recorded at Studio Gesperrt, the band?s own studio, between June and October 2005. It was mixed at Oral Majority Recordings by Roberto Laghi: (LOK, Hardcore Superstar, Mustasch, Transport League, Freak Kitchen, etc). Mastering was carried out at Bohus Sound by Dragan Tanaskovic.
The band have also recorded a video for the track, 'Second and Last but Not Always', which is also available as a download only 4 track single, with 3 exclusive songs.
1. At the Barricades
2. Crash Course
3. Thanks to You
4. Second & Last But Not Always
5. Revelling Masses
6. Leave-Takings
7. The Cost
8. Deadened
9. One Warning
10. Settle Soon