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Format: vinyl
Artist: Rotting Christ
CatNo: VILELP641_del
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Rotting Christ Passage to Arcturo Metal Peaceville vinyl
2017 Peaceville label vinyl edition of the 1991 debut from influential Greek Black Metal masters Rotting Christ.
Passage Of Arcturo features a raw lo-fi take on Black Metal. Rotting Christ masterfully weave atmosphere and sombre melody with occult themes to create something unique for the time that has had a profound influence on the Metal scene ever since. 
Includes a 4 page 12" booklet featuring recollections of the time taken from interviews conducted with the Cult Never Dies author Dayal Patterson.
1. The Old Coffin Spirit 
2. The Forest Of N`Gai 
1. The Mystical Meeting 
2. Gloria De Domino Inferni 
3. Inside The Eye Of Almond