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Format: dvd
Artist: Gallhammer
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Peaceville Records presents Ruin of a Church, Gallhammer's exceptional performance from Colchester UK on September 25th 2007. The venue was a deconsecrated church, and a perfect setting for a night of unsettling intense blackened punk metal from this Japanese all-girl trio from Tokyo causing a stir in the metal world with their uniquely raw and emotional approach. 
The show was recorded on the band's debut European tour, in autumn 2007.
The DVD features a hypnotic and intense set of tracks from the band's career to date, including songs from newest album and critical hit, Ill Innocence. 
Extras include an in-depth video interview with the band explaining their history and inspirations, as well as bonus tracks filmed at the London & Oslo legs of the tour. Also includes a photo gallery & promotional video clips for the tracks 'Hallucination' & 'World to be Ashes'. 
A perfect opportunity to see what the buzz is all about - the band having recently featured as cover-stars on leading metal publications Terrorizer & Zero Tolerance magazine and Organ magazine.
Please note, the DVDA is NTSC Region 0 and, therefore, should play on most players worldwide.
1. Hallucination 
2. Speed of Blood 
3. Blind My Eyes
4. Song of Fall
5. May our Father Die
6. Beyond the Hate Red
7. Crucifixion
8. Endless Nauseous Days
9. At the Onset of The Age of Despair
Bonus Live footage:
London Show
1. Hallucination 
2. Blind my Eyes 
3. At the Onset of the Age of Despair
Oslo Show 
1. Crucifixion 
2. At the Onset of the Age of Despair 
3. Speed of Blood
Videos: Hallucination & World to be Ashes
Band Interview
Photo Gallery
SOUND FORMAT: 2.0 Stereo
RUNNING TIME: 78 mins approx