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Format: cd
Artist: Gallhammer
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The debut album from acclaimed Japanese Trio now available on Peaceville with two bonus tracks.
Gallhammer's  debut album, 'Gloomy Lights' was originally released in November 2004 & the 8 track album created a new, unique and dark sickly sounding atmosphere of their own, blending the best of punk attitude, doom & black metal into something highly original & unusual, with Vivian describing Gallhammer as "the essence of mental violence", with lyrical themes covering topics such as "despair, hopelessness and observations of negative feelings".
It was originally released on underground label 'Hello From the Gutter' Records, but as the popularity of the band grew with their follow-up (& Peaceville debut) album, 'Ill Innocence' there was a large demand & curiosity for this hidden gem, as the band had also conducted a successful European tour, making them a familiar name in the metal world for not only their recordings, but also for their captivating live performances.
Presented in a deluxe digibook, this new, special edition of 'Gloomy Lights' contains 2 rare bonus recordings of 'Blossom in the Raven River' & 'Lust Satan Death', plus new packaging & liner notes written by main member Vivian Slaughter.  
The band is currently hard at work on their highly anticipated follow-up to 'Ill Innocence', with the album due Autumn 2010
"Morbid to the core, these girls thrive on creating dark, gloomy dirges that positively ooze the raw essence of desperation & despair" ROCKSOUND
1. Endless Nauseous Days
2. Crucifixion
3. Tomurai: (May Our Father Die)
4. Beyond The Hate Red
5. Lost My Self
6. State Of Gloom
7. Aloof and Proud Silence
8. Color Of Coma
Bonus tracks:
9. Blossom In The Raven River 
10. Lust Satan Death