Price: £50.00
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Fimbulwinter
CatNo: VILELP1018-TP
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Fimbulwinter Servants_of_Sorcery Test_Pressing

A Test Pressing of the 2023 official release of the cult classic primitive Norwegian black metal recorded in 1992, featuring Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath

Fimbulwinter, though short-lived, created a sole cult release in the form of 1994’s ‘Servants of Sorcery’, which emerged as the “second wave” of Norwegian black metal was truly taking hold. The band was formed in Oslo 1992, led by the notable figure of Shagrath, becoming most known afterwards as mainman for the phenomenon that was Dimmu Borgir. A more raw affair than the symphonic majesty of Dimmu Borgir, Fimbulwinter demonstrated a primal and fierce black metal attack, and concocted a perfect example of the early-90s style, with an extra injection of praise to bands of the 80s.

Vinyl in single white sleeve. Please note this does NOT come with a printed album sleeve.

Side A
1 Intro - Terrifying Call From The Dark Side
2 When The Fire Leaps From The Ash Mountain
3 Servants Of Sorcery
4 Black Metal Storm
5 Fimbulwinter Sacrifice
Side B
1 Roaring Hellfire
2 Lucified
3 The Watchtower 
4 Morbid Tales
5 Winter Solstice