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Artist: Napalm Death
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'The most important Metal band in the country' (Kerrang!) live in London.
Napalm Death are one of the most important metal bands to have emerged from the UK. A band who have defined extreme music and one whose punk ethics and fierce political agenda has inspired everyone from System Of A Down to Queens Of The Stone age, through to The Deftones.
Recorded at ULU London on April 27th 2002 'Punishment In Capitals' showcases the inventors of Grindcore at their very best.
'Napalm were total pioneers for their scene. They were one of the forefathers of grindcore and I respect them because it took a lot of balls to create the sound that they did' Daron Malakian - System Of A Down.
1.        Lucid Fairytale
2.        Take The Poison
3.        Next On The List
4.        Constitutional Hell
5.        Suffer The Children
6.        Cleanse Impure
7.        Politicians
8.        Breed To Breath
9.        Vermin
10.      The World Keeps Turning
11.      Can't Play Won't Pay
12.      Unchallenged Hate
13.      Volume Of Neglect
14.      Narcoleptic
15.      Hung
16.      From Enslavement To Oblitteration
17.      Scum
18.      Life
19.      The Kill
20.      Deceiver
21.      You Suffer
22.      Cure For A Common Complaint
23.      Mass Appeal Madness
24.      Greed Killing
25.      Instinct Of Survival
26.      Nazi Punks Fuck Off
27.      Back From The Dead
28.      Siege Of Power