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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Mayhem
CatNo: VILELP733
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Mayhem Live in Jessheim Peaceville Metal vinyl
Recordings of the classic Mayhem line-up performing in Jessheim, Norway in 1990. Black vinyl edition.
Live In Jessheim concludes Peaceville’s series of the legendary band's four recorded shows.
Featuring the line-up of Euronymous, Dead, Hellhammer and Necrobutcher, this is one of only a handful of recordings featuring the Norwegian Black Metal quartet during arguably their most influential period, as they forged a truly unique sound (prior to going on to almost single-handedly inspire a whole scene). 
The release includes an 8 page booklet containing rare photos, extensive interviews with figures such as Snorre Ruch (Thorns, ex-Mayhem) and Maniac (ex-Mayhem), plus information on the events surrounding the show (which took place on 03/02/1990 and featured timeless Mayhem tracks, including Deathcrush, Funeral Fog and Freezing Moon).
1 Deathcrush 
2 Necrolust 
3 Funeral Fog 
4 Freezing Moon 
1 Carnage 
2 Buried By Time And Dust 
3 Chainsaw Gutsfuck 
4 Pure Fucking Armageddon