Price: £20.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Keep of Kalessin
CatNo: VILELP1137
Limited green vinyl edition of Keep of Kalessin Agnen: A Journey Through The Dark marking 25 years since its original release.
A classic of Hyper-Speed Norwegian Black Metal - featuring former Satyricon live guitarist Obsidian C - presenting eight tracks of dark and epic black metal (incorporating elements of thrash along with eerie discordant riffing in a relentless storm of brutality). 
The album’s themes were inspired by The Earthsea Quartet, the fantasy created by Ursula K. Le Guin; an ancient world of magic and conflict between darkness and light. 
Keep of Kalessin was originally formed by Obsidian C. and Ghash in Trondheim, Norway in 1994, with the band achieving significant success in the black and extreme metal scene throughout their thirty year existence. Agnen was recorded at Brygga Studios, Trondheim (The 3rd and the Mortal) in October/November 1998. 
1 Pain Humanised
2 As Mist Lay Silent Beneath
3 I Deny
4 Dryland
5 Orb Of Man
1 Dragonlord
2 Towards I Roam
3 Agnen