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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Diabolical Masquerade
CatNo: VILELP834
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Diabolical Masquerade Deaths Design Peaceville Clear vinyl
The fourth and final album of symphonic extreme metal from 2001, from Katatonia mastermind Anders ‘Blakkheim’ Nyström
180g clear vinyl in single sleeve with printed inner.
Peaceville presents the fourth and final album from Nyström's symphonic extreme metal solo-project, Diabolical Masquerade, which launched onto the scene in 1996 with the release of debut album ‘Ravendusk in My Heart’. 
‘Death’s Design’ was first released in 2001 when it was speculated that the album was originally to appear as an actual movie soundtrack before the film was unfortunately cancelled. Past guest musician Dan Swanö featured alongside Blakkheim as a more prominent and involved contributor to this black metal horror soundtrack. The album is draped in dark atmosphere courtesy of the synth and sound effects throughout and taken even further with the inclusion of the Maalten quartet (Estonia), making for a more orchestral and epic experience, mixed with black and traditional metal influences. 
The album consists of 61 seamlessly flowing segments, grouped into 20 movements. ‘Death’s Design’ is hailed as a highpoint in the band’s discography, and the pinnacle of the Diabolical Masquerade saga, before Blakkheim called it a day and disbanded in September 2004. 
The artwork is by Travis Smith. 
1 1st Movement 
2 2nd Movement 
3 3rd Movement 
4 4th Movement 
5 5th Movement 
6 6th Movement 
7 7th Movement 
8 8th Movement 
9 9th Movement 
1 10th Movement 
2 11th Movement 
3 12th Movement 
4 13th Movement 
5 14th Movement 
6 15th Movement 
7 16th Movement 
8 17th Movement 
9 18th Movement 
10 19th Movement 
11 20th Movement