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Format: cd
Artist: Cradle Of Filth
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cradle of filth peaceville cof cd bitter suites to succubi
2001 album from the world's biggest Black Metal band, now available on the legendary Peaceville label. 
'Among the best the band have ever produced' Kerrang!
'Full of grandeur, thunderous drums, delectably deviant guitar, an oh so glorious din'  - Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles
'The band may draw blood but their thirst remains unquenched, one of Metal's natural successors'  - Classic Rock 
'motoring towards a new dawn or should that be dusk!' -  Metal Hammer
'As evil, churning and bowel twisting as ever' Guitar Magazine 
'Vicious and uncompromising' KKKK  Kerrang!
1.     Dinner At Deviant's Palace
2.     All Hope In Eclipse
3.     Born In A Burial Gown
4.     Suicide And Other Comforts
5.     Black Goddess II - Ebon Nemesis
6.     The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
7.     Summer Dying Faster
8.      No Time To Cry