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Artist: Carpathian Forest
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Carpathian Forest Black Shining Leather Peaceville black metal
Infamous Norwegians, Carpathian Forest, formed in 1990 and have come a long way since they recorded their cult demo 'Bloodlust & Perversion' in 1992.
'Black Shining Leather' was the band's debut full-length album from 1998 after the 'Through Chasm, Caves & Titan Woods' EP brought them onto the scene in 1995. Since then, Carpathian Forest has risen to true cult status with each subsequent album, having always embraced & retained their Old School roots, with a lyrical cocktail of Satanism & sadism.
Black Metal the way it should be.
1. Black Shining Leather
2. The Swordsmen         
3. Death Triumphant 
4. Sadomasochistic         
5. Lupus 
6. Pierced Genitalia        
7. In Silence I Observe   
8. Lunar Nights  
9. Third Attempt             
10. The Northern Hemisphere  
11. A Forest