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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Candlemass
CatNo: VILELP768
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Candlemass Live Peaceville double vinyl
Candlemass’s essential live album of classic, crushing Doom on double vinyl in gatefold cover.
The colossal sounding Live album was originally released in 1990 and features a string of Candlemass classics and favourites from the band's early repertoire, including songs from Doom Metal’s hallowed Epicus Doomicus Metalicus and Nightfall opuses. 
The masterful performance was recorded in 1990 at Fryshuset in Stockholm with the enigmatic and unmistakable vocal presence of Messiah Marcolin lending the performance a theatrical and powerful edge for over an hour of crushing doom. 
1 The Well Of Souls 
2 Dark Are The Veils Of Death 
3 Bewitched 
4 Solitude 
1 Dark Reflections 
2 Under The Oak 
3 Demon's Gate 
1 The Bells Of Acheron 
2 Through The Infinite Halls Of Death 
3 Samarithan 
4 Mirror Mirror 
1 At The Gallows End 
2 A Sorcerer's Pledge