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Format: CD
Artist: Candlemass
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Candlemass Live Peaceville CD
The colossal sounding Live features a string of Candlemass classics and favourites from the band's early repertoire, including songs from the hallowed Doom Metal classics Epicus Doomicus Metalicus and Nightfall
A masterful performance recorded in 1990 at Fryshuset in Stockholm with the enigmatic and unmistakable vocal presence of Messiah Marcolin, lending the performance a theatrical and powerful edge for over an hour of crushing doom. 
1 The Well Of Souls 
2 Dark Are The Veils Of Death 
3 Bewitched 
4 Solitude 
5 Dark Reflections 
6 Under The Oak 
7 Demon's Gate 
8 The Bells Of Acheron 
9 Through The Infinite Halls Of Death 
10 Samarithan 
11 Mirror Mirror 
12 At The Gallows End 
13 A Sorcerer's Pledge