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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Candlemass
CatNo: VILELP769
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Candlemass Dynamo Doom Peaceville Limited gold vinyl

A limited gold vinyl release documenting Candlemass's early breakthrough concert at the famous Dynamo open air festival in 1988.


Candlemass was formed by bassist and songwriter Leif Edling in Stockholm, Sweden in 1984, and are well known for their pioneering, haunting epic doom metal. Over the course of 35 years the band has amassed & maintained a strong global following and had a great influence over a generation of the genre's subsequent greats - Candlemass themselves taking a large influence from Black Sabbath.

Widely regarded as an early iconic example of Candlemass firmly establishing themselves in the live arena on their way to international recognition, the band’s much-revered performance at the esteemed Dynamo Open Air Festival in 1988 is considered a particular highlight with the Swedes stamping their mark on the metal map of the eighties with a powerful and captivating performance at the legendary location. Featuring the unmatched & unmistakable vocal prowess of Messiah Marcolin, the band storms through renditions of their early classics, including timeless favourites such as ‘Solitude’ & ‘At the Gallows End’, closing with a medley of tracks originally by UK metal forefathers & originators, Black Sabbath. 

1 Solitude 
2 At The Gallows End 
3 Crystal Ball 
4 Dark Are The Veils Of Death 
1 A Sorcerer's Pledge 
2 Black Sabbath medley