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Format: cd
Artist: Autopsy
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Autopsy burst onto the scene in 1988 with almost immediate infamy. Front man Chris Reifert was already a well-known force on the underground through his time as drummer with Florida's highly respected death metal combo Death.
The band released the demo 'Critical Madness' in 1988 and it wasn't long before Peaceville Records snapped them up in a deal spanning 4 albums.
 The Peaceville / Autopsy partnership kicked off in April 1989 with their debut album 'Severed Survival', a brutal explosion of heavy riffs, tight drumming and a screaming vocal, rounded off with concepts of death, disease and diabolica.
1991 saw the release of their second album'Mental funeral' and the highly controversial, 'Acts Of The Unspeakable' surfaced in Oct '92 to widespread delight and fury.
Autopsy's fourth and final album, the glorious scatological gross out 'Shit Fun' was released in the autumn of 1995. With the band more than achieving what they'd set out to do ' Autopsy was laid to rest. Amen.
  1. Charred Remains
  2. Disembowel
  3. Gasping For Air
  4. Severed Survival
  5. Ridden With Disease (Demo)
  6. Service For A Vacant Coffin (Live)
  7. Retribution For The Dead (Live)
  8. Robbing The Grave
  9. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay
  10. Fleshcrawl
  11. Torn From The Womb
  12. Slaughterday
  13. Dark Crusade
  14. Mental Funeral
  15. Fiend For Blood
  16. Squel Like A Pig
  17. Funereality
  18. An Act Of The Unspeakable
  19. Frozen With Fear
  20. Spinal Extractions
  21. Death Twitch
  22. Walls Of The Coffin
  23. Shit Eater (Live)
  24. Humiliate Your Corpse
  25. Brain Damage
  26. Blood Orgy
  27. Bowel Ripper