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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ancient Wisdom
CatNo: VILELP437
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Ancient Wisdom For Snow Covered the Northland Vinyl Peaceville
A remastered edtion of For Snow Covered the Northland on black vinyl with printed inner sleeve and lyrics.
A triumphant expression of atmospheric and melodic blackened Doom Metal.
The roots of Ancient Wisdom trace back to 1992 when the project was formed by Marcus E. Norman (Throne of Ahaz/Bewitched) in Umeå, Sweden as Pain, then Ancient. After the release of the first demo ‘In the Eye of the Serpent’ in 1993, the name was updated to Ancient Wisdom and the recording of the second demo, ‘Through Rivers of the Eternal Blackness’ swiftly followed in December of 1993.
On the back of this, a deal was signed with Italian label Avantgarde Music, leading to the recording of the full length debut album, ‘For Snow Covered the Northland’. The studio sessions took place in December of 1994, though the album did not see the light of day until 1996.
‘For Snow Covered the Northland’ was a triumphant journey of atmospheric and melodic blackened doom metal, with sombre and hypnotic guitar leads permeating the album to great effect amid the anguished screams. Also utilising acoustic guitar and piano/keyboard passages, the opus overall exudes an ambience of deep melancholy and despair.
The album was recorded at The Garageland Studio, and produced by Henrik Kjellberg.
1 A Hymn To The Northern Empire
2 In The Land Of The Crimson Moon
3 They Gather Where Snow Falls Forever
4 Through Rivers Of The Eternal Blackness
5 As Snow Covers The Northland
1 The Journey Of The Ancients
2 No Tears At His Funeral
3 Forest Of Summoned Spirits
4 A Ravens Reflection Of The Ancient Northland