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Artist: Pentagram
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Pentagram, the highly influential American heavy metal/doom pioneers fronted by mastermind Bobby Liebling, formed in the early 1970s, though their debut album - now known as 'Relentless' - didn't see a release until 1985. Through 4 decades of adversity and triumph, Pentagram has become a legendary international act and have firmly stamped their name in the heavy metal history books.
This first-ever official video collection recovers, repairs and resurrects the earliest known footage of these doomed metal pioneers and more. Featuring 2 DVDs packed with priceless archive footage, as well as recent shows, 'All Your Sins - Video Vault' unearths the rumoured lost visual evidence pent up in the Ram Family vault for decades. 
This definitive collection contains numerous historical shows, including a charged performance at the legendary CBGB's club in 1985, with a mass of classic renditions from the band's catalogue finally gathered together for a live journey spanning over 30 years and 7 hours.
Although always a cult act with a strong and dedicated worldwide fanbase, Pentagram has enjoyed a recent surge in interest due in part to the fly-on-the-wall 2011 documentary, 'Last Days Here' following the life, trials & tribulations of Bobby Liebling. The film gained international recognition; travelling the worldwide film festival circuit where it won several awards including 'Best Music Documentary at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.  
NTSC, Region 0


1 Death Row Live at the Silver Fox - 1983
2 CBGBs - 1985
3 The Seagull Inn - 1985
4 The Hung Jury Pub - 1987 
5 930 Club - 1993
1 The Paragon - 1993
2 The End - 2010
3 John Dee, Oslo - 2012
4 The DNA Lounge - 2014
Region 0