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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Evoken
CatNo: VILELP530
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Evoken is a funeral Doom Metal band from New Jersey. 
Founded by guitarist Nick Orlando under the name Funereus in April 1992 & along with Rob (Bass/Vocals); Phil (Guitar) & Vince (Drums), they recorded what would be the only Funereus release, a rehearsal demo. The band eventually changed to Evoken in 1994 after several line-up changes. 
Quietus was Evoken's second full-length studio album. Originally released in 2001 and recorded at WAVE Studios in New York during October and November of 1999. Evoken have become known for their thick walls of apocalyptic guitar on long epic tracks featuring strong, dark atmospherics, with Quietus considered a classic example of funeral Doom Metal honed to perfection and becoming a cult hit with fans worldwide. 
This edition of Quietus includes a rare bonus track - an instrumental originally from 2004 - and sees the album's on vinyl for the first time. Presented on double 180g vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.
1 In Pestilence, Burning
2 Withering Indignation 
1 Tending The Dire Hatred
2 Where Ghosts Fall Silent
1 Quietus
2 Embrace The Emptiness
1 Atrementous Journey
2 Instrumental (2004)