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Artist: Travis & Fripp
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Recorded at DGM Soundworld by David Singleton, with subsequent editing, mixing and mastering by Steven Wilson, Thread - from 2008 -comprises nine improvised pieces by Theo Travis and Robert Fripp .
This unique and almost inevitable collaboration yielded a beautiful sequence of recordings that artfully avoided the cliches routinely associated with ambient and improv, while wholly encompassing the core elements of both forms of music. 
The strength of the duo as players and listeners never allows the improvisational base to sound insular or indulgent; the overall sound is expansive and accessible, with the passion and commitment of the players audible from the first moments. 
Unfashionably, perhaps, in an era where music is often portrayed as ephemeral or disposable, this is an album that rewards repeated listening, revealing new depths with each play.   
Land Beyond The Forest 4:23
The Apparent Chaos Of Blue 8:50
As Snow Falls 14:00
Before Then 6:22
One Whirl 2:39
The Silence Beneath 8:36
Curious Liquids 3:14
The Unspoken 5:22
Pastorale 10:40