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Format: CD
Artist: Travis & Fripp
CatNo: GYRCD301
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Travis and Fripp Between the Silence 3CD
Between The Silence is a specially priced 3CD set comprising three complete concerts recorded in 2009 and 2010
Evocative Soundscapes and inventive improvs collide in the most wondrous of ways.
Travis & Fripp has proved to be one of the most enduring of Robert Fripp’s many duo projects - all the more remarkable given that both musicians are consistently involved in other projects. For Fripp, a renewed King Crimson has been a primary musical enterprise since 2014, while Travis has in recent years recorded and toured with David Sylvian,  Steven Wilson, Soft Machine and more.
Most of the music featured is new to CD, with only two tracks having appeared in different/edited form on the album Follow.
As ever the music produced by Travis & Fripp remains wonderfully difficult to neatly categorise - sometimes quiet, but never to the extent that it could be described as ‘ambient’ - improvisational, but not in such a manner as to call it ‘jazz’ - using electronics, but not resulting in music that could be described as ‘electronica’. It is, nonetheless, music that has touched a great many people - both in concert & as presented on discs - with this release marking the duo’s fifth recorded release.
Given that cheerful defiance of categorisation, it is probably no surprise that other methods are being employed to bring the music to an even wider audience. Simultaneous with the preparation of the music for the album, a series of three generative music apps based on the music of Travis & Fripp has been developed by Peter Chilvers. Each app will play a unique combination of elements of Travis & Fripp performances every time it is opened. It is due to be available later this summer for iPhones and iPads.
CD 1 All Saints Church, Broad Chalke - 21 May 2009
1 The Apparent Chaos of Stone (8.36)
2 In a Field of Green (7.51)
3 Route 23 (Improv) (2.54)
4 The Offering (7.14)
5 Blue Calm (5.18)
6 Moonchild (5.40)
7 Duet for the End of Time (7.53)
8 Coda: Duet for the End of Time (5.30)
CD2 Spiegeltent, Bath Festival - 5 June 2010
1 Emporium (4.15)
2 In a Field of Green (11.34)
3 Rotary Symmetrical (6.24)
4 Moonchild (5.44)
5 A Careful Distance (10.34)
6 Blue Calm (3.42)
7 Route 23 (Improv) (5.37)
8 Duet for the End of Time (14.40)
9 Encore: Bath Improv (5.19)
CD3 All Saints Church, Pittville, Cheltenham - 16 July 2010
1 The Power to Believe (1.26)
2 Pastorale (7.10)
3 Rotary Symmetrical (6.02)
4 Dark Clouds (8.34)
5 Blue Calm (8.35)
6 When the Rains Fall (10.30)
7 Duet for the End of Time (9.49)