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Format: Book/Magazine
Artist: The Vicar
CatNo: 9781909019041
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The Vicar Billys G String Book Graphic Novel
The first in a series of Graphic Novels, about the legendary music producer and great British eccentric, The Vicar, and his witty, irreverent assistant Punk Sanderson. 
Wondrous tales of misdeeds in the music industry. 
So many unanswered questions.  Who is sabotaging the concertos of a famous singer?  Is her manager as crooked as he seems? Is the music producer, The Vicar the right person to protect? Can his bumbling sidekick really be that incompetent? Are the winning lottery numbers 5, 9, 19, 21, 23, 39?
"I would like to put on public record right now, once and for all: I AM NOT THE VICAR!" - Brian Eno
"Throughout my life I've frequently found myself, metaphorically speaking, sat on the Vicar's knee." - David Sylvian
"The Vicar? Half Budhha, half backstreet ****" - Nick Cave
"The Vicar saves musicians. Simple." - Billy G
"Since working with the Vicar I can NEVER..EVER feel the same way about Alpacas." - Andy Partridge
"THE VICAR is a genius. He didn't pay me to play on his record, but he paid me to say that." - Bill Rieflin (REM)
The characters of THE VICAR and PUNK - the well-centred and the malleable, the disciplined and the disordered, the lofty and the venal, the Volvo-driver and the Ferrari-dreamer - embody contradictions that lie at the heart of us all.
The groundbreaking multimedia universe of The Vicar also includes Graphic Novels, Audiobooks, Videobooks and Music Albums by The legendary Vicar himself. 
Original book by Punk Sanderson
Illustrated by Ben Singleton