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Artist: Theo Travis
CatNo: 33jazz166
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'Double Talk' is the eighth solo release by renowned British saxophonist, flautist, composer and improviser, Theo Travis. 
Featuring a dynamic new band and special guest Robert Fripp, the music is a highly contemporary evocation of the experimental Progressive, Jazz and Psychedelic music Travis was influenced by in his formative years.
The CD features Travis on tenor and soprano saxes, wah-wah sax, flute, alto flute and clarinets. 
Over the album's eight tracks, Travis demonstrates his broad ranging interests and styles. Legendary King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp appears on three tracks (co-writing one), while at the centre of the band sound is the soulful hammond organ of Pete Whittaker (The Wonderstuff/Jim Mullen). The guitar role is taken the latest UK scene wunderkind, Mike Outram (Herbie Mann/ Martin Taylor/Stan Sulzman/Grooveyard). Travis's new band is completed by the subtle drumming and percussion of Roy Dodds  (Christine Tobin/Eddie Reader/Kirsty McCall), a masterfully sensitive performer. 
The music is influenced by Theo's former collaborators Palle Mikkelborg, Soft Machine Legacy and Gong, as well as by late 1960s British psychedelia, the Blue Note label and the Progressive and Jazz influences that were crucial to Theo's development as a player and composer.  
Incorporating multi-layers of flutes and saxes improvised live using Travis's unique system of ambitronics, on tracks like the epic Oblivionville and The Endless Search, Theo's layered flutes and clarinets blend perfectly with the guitar soundscapes of Robert Fripp. 
The album also features a unique Travis take on the Pink Floyd classic, See Emily Play.
1. Ascending (10.25)
2. Oblivionville (16.40)
3. The Relegation of Pluto  (7.40)
4. Pallendream (5.50)
5. The Endless Search (6.11)
6. See Emily Play (5.19)
7. And so it seemed (10.50)
8. Portobello 67 (5.44)
All compositions by Theo Travis 
except See Emily Play by Syd Barrett and The Endless Search by Theo Travis /Robert Fripp
The Band 
Theo Travis - Tenor and soprano saxes, wah wah sax (4,6), flute (2), alto flute (5), clarinet (2)
Mike Outram - Electric guitar
Pete Whitakker - Hammond organ
Roy Dodds - Drums, Gongs
With special guest 
Robert Fripp - Guitar and Guitar soundscapes (Tracks 2, 4 and 5)
Recorded by Dave Wooster (Koolworld, Luton) David Singleton (DGM Soundworld, Wiltshire), and Dave Sturt (Windmill Lane, Belper)
Mixed by Dave Wooster, except Tracks 4 and 5 mixed by Dave Sturt
Produced by Theo Travis
Co produced by Roy Dodds
Except tracks 4 and 5 co-produced by Dave Sturt
Executive Producer Paul Jolly (33 Records)
design carl glover
cover photo mark nelson