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Format: CD
Artist: Robert Fripp
CatNo: DGM9505
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Robert Fripp Radiophonics 1995 CD
The earliest of Robert Fripp's official Soundscapes offerings, Radiophonics (1995) is both beautiful and scary.
Intense and compelling, this is the release that ushered in a new era for Robert Fripp's looping innovations.
The booklet includes notes by Robert Fripp.
Please note these copies are not shrinkwrapped and have been in storage for many years. Sold as seen, no returns.
1. Radiophonic 1 (11:11)
2. Radiophonic 2 (14:47)
3. Atmosphere (11:56)
4. Elegy (For Mothers And Children) (5:48)
5. Streets (5:34 )
6. Sky (7:49)