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Artist: King Crimson
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Adrian Belew: guitar, lead vocal                           
Robert Fripp: guitar & devices   
Tony Levin: stick, bass guitar, support vocal                       
Bill Bruford: batterie
Following the dissolution of the classic 70s Crimson lineup, Robert Fripp withdrew from public view during the mid 70s gradually reemerging as a guitarist - on Peter Gabriel's 1st  three solo outings & David Bowie's (Heroes & Scary Monsters),  & as a producer  - of The Roches, Peter Gabriel & Daryl Hall. He also recorded & released a highly regarded solo debut 'Exposure' & developed the Frippertronics guitar system, for performance & further recording. Bill Bruford had led his own highly regarded band with Allan Holdsworth & Jeff Berlin, been a founder member of UK with former Crimson member John Wetton & performed with National Health, Pavlov?s Dog & others. In 1981 Fripp began a new band with Bruford, Tony Levin (bass player with everyone from Paul Simon to Lou Reed to John Lennon to Peter Gabriel) & guitarist/singer Adrian Belew (who?d played with David Bowie, Frank Zappa & Talking Heads in the previous few years). Initially called ?Discipline?, the band quickly became the new, 1980s incarnation of King Crimson ? with ?Discipline? becoming the title of their 1st studio album issued in Oct. 1981.
As different from the 70s King Crimson, as that lineup had been from the 60s band, the new quartet rapidly established itself as a force on the live circuit. The longer songs of the 60s & early 70s, the extended improvs of the live performances from the earlier touring bands replaced with a series of (often short) taut songs featuring complex interwoven guitar lines, Belew?s distinctive vocals, Bruford?s new armoury of electronic percussion & Levin?s fluid bass & stick lines.
With the album charting on release in many countries ? including the UK & US  - & the touring schedule taking the band through Europe, the US & Japan in its first year of activity, by the end of 1981 Crimson was reestablished as one of rock music?s premier outfits. As for the album, it quickly established itself as a classic Crimson release, with songs from it featuring in live performance to the present day.
With the new lineup & release of Discipline, Fripp & co. had managed to delight fans, confound critics & pick up a substantial new audience along the way. King Crimson had also achieved a rare feat for a rock group ? becoming one of the very few acts to release a classic album in three separate decades. From ?In the Court of the Crimson King? in 1969, via ?Red? in 1974 to ?Discipline? in 1981, with differing lineups & radically different sounds the band?s reputation for innovation & progression (in the best sense of the word) was unassailable.
Discipline is the essential recording by the 80s King Crimson.               
1. Elephant Talk
2. Frame by Frame
3. Matte Kudesai
4. Indiscipline
5. Thela Hun Gingeet
6. The Sheltering Sky
7. Discipline
8. Matte Kudesai (alternative version)