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Thread Travis Fripp Vinyl


Recorded at DGM Soundworld by David Singleton, with subsequent editing, mixing and mastering by Steven Wilson, Thread - from 2008 -comprises nine improvised pieces by Theo Travis and Robert Fripp .
This unique and almost inevitable collaboration yielded a beautiful sequence of recordings that artfully avoided the cliches routinely associated with ambient and improv, while wholly encompassing the core elements of both forms of music. 
Mixed by Steven Wilson and mastered for vinyl by Peter van Vliet (The Use Of Ashes).
This is the BLACK heavyweight vinyl version

side 1

01. Land Beyond The Forest 

02. The Apparent Chaos Of Blue 
03. The Silence Beneath 
side 2
04. Before Then 
05. As Snow Falls 
06. One Whirl 
side 3
07. Curious Liquids 
08. The Unspoken 
09. Pastorale 
side 4
10. The Endless Search 
11. Pallendream Duo 
12. No Regrets 
13. Oblivionville (Open Earth)