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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Keneally
CatNo: EXOWAX2405
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Wooden Smoke Mike Keneally cd
Mike Keneally's tenth album - from 2001 - contains some of his most elegantly adventurous and soulful music presented in a largely acoustic soundscape.
"When critics use the word 'mature' to describe somebody's music, it's usually code for 'old and boring.' Well, I'm wresting the word back to apply it in its proper sense to Mike Keneally's Wooden Smoke: this album is strong, gentle and wise. How many people do you know who can make a CD sound hand-carved? Beautiful."
---- Andy Partridge of XTC
1. Hello
2. Bags
3. Haugseth
4. 2001
5. New England
6. Nanny-Ass Crow
7. Dee n A
8. Boom
9. 5 Legs
10. Fathers Day
11. Pantomime
12. Machupicchu
13. Wooden Smoke
14. Thanksgiving