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Format: cd
Artist: Mike Keneally
CatNo: EX-2410
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Scambot 1 - Standard Edition Mike Keneally cd
The first part of MK's astonishingly ambitious Scambot releases.
"We devoted intense energy to every second of the album," says Mike. "There is a plot, and a bunch of characters. The CD booklet contains a very long story I wrote which lays out all of the action. Musically speaking, it's about two-thirds instrumental. It encompasses a little bit of straightforward-ish rock and pop, a lot of rigorous composition and arrangement, some obsessively intricate vocal and instrumental harmonies, some improvisation which has been orchestrated, some digitally-manipulated musique concrete, some purely uncategorizable stuff and, I think, some of the most interesting melodies I've come up with. It is a peculiar album but I think very satisfying as a journey, and emotionally it hits a lot of different moods."
And here's another clue for you all: Scambot 1, Mike adds, is "dedicated to anyone who still listens to entire albums with their headphones on."
1. Big Screen Boboli
2. Ophunji's Theme
3. Hallmark
4. Chee
5. Tomorrow
6. Cat Bran Sammich Pt. 1
7. You Named Me
8. Cat Bran Sammich Pt. 2
9. Saturate
10. M
11. Cold Hands
12. We Are The Quiet Children
13. Foam
14. The Brink
15. Life's Too Small
16. Behind The Door
17. Gita
18. DaDunDa