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Format: CD
Artist: David Sylvian
CatNo: CDVR2290_del
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David Sylvian Brilliant Trees CD
David Sylvian's evocative solo debut highlighted a new sophistication in his songwriting and featured guest appearances from the likes of Holger Czukay, Kenny Wheeler, Danny Thompson and Jon Hassell.
1. Pulling Punches (5:01) 
2. The Ink in the Well (4:29) 
3. Nostalgia (5:39) 
4. Red Guitar (5:07) 
5. Weathered Wall (5:40) 
6. Backwaters (4:49) 
7. Brilliant Trees (8:35) 
This is the 2003 digital re-master.
David Sylvian - lead vocals, guitar, piano (treated), tapes, synthesizer, percussion instruments
Steve Jansen - drums, synthesizer, percussion
Holger Czukay - French horn, voice, guitar, dictaphone.
Wayne Braithwaite - bass guitar tracks 
Ronny Drayton - guitar tracks
Richard Barbieri - synthesizer track
Danny Thompson - double bass track 
Kenny Wheeler - flugelhorn tracks 
Phil Palmer - guitar tracks 
Steve Nye - synthesizer tracks 
Ryuichi Sakamoto - synthesizer, piano track 
Mark Isham - trumpet track 
Jon Hassell - trumpet