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Format: boxset
Artist: Michael Nyman
CatNo: MNRCD204
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Michael Nyman Collections boxset
Collections is a unique combination of Michael Nyman’s work as a composer, filmmaker and photographer. 
Features a DVD of a short film shot by Nyman, 50000 Photos Can't Be Wrong, a booklet of his photography titled Cine Opera, and a CD retrospective, Portrait of a Label.
Box set with a luxurious 52 page hard back photo book, and additional booklet notes written by Michael.
Portrait Of A Label
1 Debbie
2 “Scarper!”
3 The Mistress
4 Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds
5 Miranda
6 To The Edge Of The Earth
7 Psalm
8 Life’s Chaos
9 Magic Forest And Göering’s Hunting Party
10 “There You Are...And That Tree”
11 Knowing The Ropes
12 Apri Le Coscie
13 5th Region
14 City Of Turin
15 Come Unto These Yellow Sands
16 The Coldest Place On Earth
50000 Photos Can’t Be Wrong
1 Barcelona Graffiti
2 Bookman
3 Missing Persons
4 Beach Fatties
5 Pavement Life
6 Girl In The Swimming Pool
7 Reflections
8 Greyman
9 Girl In The Bar