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Format: cd
Artist: Michael Nyman
CatNo: MNRCD114
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Michael Nyman 8 Lust Songs CD
Michael Nyman’s music set to the erotic poems of the 16th century poet Pietro Aretino.
The poems were inspired by Marcantonio Raimondi’s engravings of couples in various positions of sexual intercourse. The poems and engravings have been called a Renaissance equivalent of the Kama Sutra. They caused huge outrage at the time of publication, banned by the Papal authorities and nearly all copies destroyed. They are the most important erotic texts of the period and have gone on to inspire writers and artists alike for centuries.
Marie Angel sings the male and female roles. As Nyman composed the music the words came to life for Marie and the characters revealed themselves to her. Her interpretation is thus not only key but unique, colourful and very entertaining.
Parental Advisory Explicit Content
1. Questo cazzo voglio io
2. Fottiami anima mia
3. Io ‘l voglio in cul tu mi perdonerai
4. Tu pur a gambe in collo in cul me l’hai
5. Dammi la lingua
6. E saria pur una coglioneria
7. Mettimi un dito in cul caro vecchione
8. Apri le coscie, accio ch’io veggia bene