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Format: cd/dvd
Artist: Magenta
CatNo: ECDTMR008
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CD DVD Seven Special Edition Magenta Robert Reed

The special cd/dvd edition Magenta's second album from 2004. Limited to 2000 copies globally.

The CD features a remixed and re-mastered version of the album, including a complete version of Pride and an enhanced version of Greed.  Featuring sleeve notes by Stephen Lambe. 
The DVD includes:
- A brand new 5.1 mix of the album by Rob Reed based on the brand new stereo remix. 
- Extensive interviews with Rob Reed and lyricist Steve Reed, discussing each track from a musical and lyrical point of view, the artwork and guest musicians, and also reflecting on the impact of the CD 5 years on. 
- Behind the mix. Rob Reed discusses and dissects the multi-tracks of the original 2004 mix. 
- Rare DV camera footage of songs from Seven being rehearsed and performed live. 


Disc 1, CD:
1. Gluttony (12:04) 
2. Envy (9:42) 
3. Lust (12:22) 
4. Greed (13:49) 
5. Anger (5:11) 
6. Pride (12:09) 
7. Sloth (10:06) 
Remixed by Rob Reed, re-mastered by Bob Katz.
Disc 2, DVD:
1 Video: Inside The Mix (79:56)
2 Video: Interview with Steve & Rob Reed (36:54)
3 Video: Bootleg Live Videos (41:59)
4 Lust/Anger/Gluttony/Pride
5 Audio: Seven: 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Mix


- Christina / lead vocals
- Rob Reed / keyboards, bass guitar, recorders, harpsichord, Grand piano, electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
- Tim Robinson / drums
- Chris Fry / lead guitars
- Martin Rosser / guitar
- Martin Shellard / lead guitar in "Sloth"
- Christian Phillips / Cha Cha Cha
- The Vienna Symphony Orchestra / strings