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Format: cd
Artist: W.A.S.P.
CatNo: SDPCD147
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Originally released in 1998, Helldorado represented an unabashed return to W.A.S.P.'s early-1980s no nonsense rock'n'roll approach. 
With few fancy  frills and no needless distractions, Helldorado is rock'n'roll the way it was meant to be - hard as a biker's bicep and raw as a bloody steak!
'This album is like Mean Man, Blind in Texas and Animal all rolled into one! - Blackie Lawless
1. Drive By
2. Helldorado
3. Don't Cry (Just Suck)
4. Damnation Angels
5. Dirty Balls
6. High On The Flames
7. Cocaine Cowboys
8. Can't Die Tonight
9. Saturday Night Cockfight
10. Hot Rods To Hell (Helldorado Reprise)