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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Enid
CatNo: SMALP1018
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Aerie Faerie Nonsense The Enid Vinyl


Aerie Faerie Nonsense is the second release in the Madfish label Enid reissue series. 
Originally released in 1977 on EMI, during the peak of Punk, The Enid defied prevailing trends by creating large-scale and atmospheric instrumental pieces inspired by myth and fantasy. 
Aerie Faerie Nonsense remains one of the most inventive Progressive albums of the late 1970s, with its elaborate arrangements, haunting melodies, and delicate yet bombastic approach highlighting The Enid's wilful uniqueness.
The second side of the album features parts I and II of the band's most celebrated piece, Fand.
Remastered by The Enid's Max Read, this 180g heavyweight vinyl release features the original 1977 master recordings and artwork. 
"The quintessentially English Prog group." - Tim Jones, Record Collector Magazine
"Pink Floyd meets the Berlin Philharmonic." - Time Out
"The most majestic rock band of all time" - Band On The Wall
"The biggest cult band in Europe" - BBC Radio One


Side 1:
1. Prelude (1:20)
2. Mayday Galliard (6:09)
3. Ondine (4:01)
4. Childe Roland (7:09)
Side 2:
1. Fand Part I (11:46)
2. Fand Part II (5:41)