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Format: Boxset
Artist: Gong
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Gong Rejoice Im Dead cd dvda Canterbury Surround boxset
Featuring the voice of Daevid Allen on two songs and guest appearances from Steve Hillage and Didier Malherbehe, Rejoice! I'm Dead! is the 2016 release (and 28th album) from the enduring legend that is Gong.
Gong has entered yet another new phase in its four-decades plus journey with Rejoice! I'm Dead!, the follow up to 2014's I See You the last album Daevid Allen was to record with Gong.
A few minutes into listening to Rejoice! I'm Dead!, all doubts about the absence of Daevid Allen will be cast aside as contemporary and classic members unite to produce an undeniably 'Gong sound'.
Steering the band's music into outer space and the inner ear, Kavus Torabi, Fabio Golfetti, Dave Sturt, Ian East  and Cheb Nettles take the Gong legacy into fresh territories without abandoning the principles established by the band's founding visionary Daevid Allen.
Double cd / dvda version in a deluxe 12" 44 page hardback book, featuring the album, a bonus cd of extras and a dvda disc with 24/96 PCM stereo and DTS 96/24 5.1 digital surround mixes.
"Inspired by the light, love and passing of our dear friend and inspiration, Daevid Allen." - Dave Sturt
CD 1:
1. The Thing That Should Be [03:34]
2. Rejoice! [10:17]
3. Kaptial [03:21]
4. Model Village [06:43]
5. Beatrix [02:54]
6. Visions [04:29]
7. The Unspeakable Stands Revealed [11:49]
8. Through Restless Seas I Come [06:58]
9. Insert Yr Own Prophecy [09:36]
CD 2:
Rehearsal Clips
Details TBA
24/96 PCM stereo and DTS 96/24 5.1 digital surround mixes