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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Peter Green
CatNo: SMALP1074
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Peter Green Destiny Road vinyl
Destiny Road - from 1999 - represented the first release of new Peter Green material after his return from a long period in the wilderness.
Writing and arranging credits were spread across the whole of The Splinter Group, while 'poet' Pete Brown (Cream's lyricist) also contributed.
The album marked another landmark in Peter Green's remarkable career.
Available for the first time on vinyl with this 2017 Madfish label reissue.
1. Big Change Is Gonna Come [5:05]
2. Say That You Want To [4:03]
3. Heart Of Stone [4:43]
1. You'll Be Sorry Someday [6:32]
2. Tribal Dance [5:31]
3. Burglar [5:55]
1. Turn Your Love Away [5:21]
2. Madison Blues [3:40]
3. I Can't Help Myself [7:00]
1. Indians [4:59]
2. Hiding In Shadows [4:41]
3. There's A River [8:43]