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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Marillion
CatNo: SMALP1092
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Marillion Happiness Is The Road Steve Hogarth vinyl
Happiness Is The Road, Marillion’s two volume album from 2008, given a 2017 Madfish label reissue as two separate double LP sets.
The two volumes comprise The Hard Shoulder - which presents a riff-laden, harder Rock approach - and Essence - a melancholic and atmospheric concept album - which features Marillion at its most innovative.
This version of Happiness Is The Road - Essence is presented as a double 180g vinyl edition packaged in a lavish gatefold cover.
1. Dreamy Street [1:57]
2. This Train Is My Life [4:46]
3. Essence [6:25]
1. Wrapped Up In Time [5:02]
2. Liquidity [2:08]
3. Nothing Fills The Hole [3:19]
4. Woke Up [3:36]
1. Trap The Spark [5:38]
2. A State Of Mind [4:27]
1. Happiness Is The Road [10:01]
2. Half Full Jam [6:48]