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Format: CD
Artist: Gong
CatNo: SMACD1054
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Gong I See You cd Canterbury
Mid-price 2016 Madfish label re-issue Gong's 2014 studio album I See You.
The enduring legend that is Gong - a truly one-off multi-National, multi-dimensional Psychedelic entity - entered another phase of its long career with its astonishing debut for the Madfish label, I See You. 
This incarnation of Gong comprised vocalist/lyricist Daevid Allen, who, even at the age of seventy-five, still radiated an incandescent creativity. His co-conspirators on I See You included Orlando Allen on drums, guitarist Kavus Torabi (Knifeworld), horn player Ian East 'Wind', sinuous bass player Dave Sturt (Jade Warrior, Cipher), and Brazilian guitarist Fabio Golfetti. 
The collective created an impressive, multi-layered and irrepressible sound world that was indisputably great and indisputably Gong.
1. I See You (3:24)
2. Occupy (2:51)
3. When God Shake Hands With Devil (5:36)
4. The Eternal Wheel Spins (7:06)
5. Syllabub (4:30)
6. This Revolution (3:43]
7. You See Me (2:37)
8. Zion My T-shirt (6:05)
9. Pixielation (4:42)
10. A Brew Of Special Tea (1:18)
11. Thank You (10:26)
12. Shakti Yoni & Dingo Virgin (9:19)