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Format: cd
Artist: Family
CatNo: PUC801-PUC802
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Family Music in a Dolls House Family Entertainment CD bundle
A mid-price CD bundle of the classic Family albums Music in a Doll's House and Family Entertainment.
Music In A Doll's HouseFamily's classic 1968 debut, is regarded by many fans as the band's best and as a definitive Psychedelic statement.
Hugely ambitious, Music In A Doll’s House contains seminal songs such as Me My Friend, Hey Mr Policeman and Peace Of Mind and finds the band matched all the way by Dave Mason’s inventive production, which utilises backwards mellotrons, violin feedback, trumpets, phasing and Roger Chapman’s extraordinary vibrato vocals.
This edition of Music In A Doll's House uses stereo audio and is presented in digisleeve packaging.
Family’s second studio album from 1969.
Following the success of Music In A Doll’s House, Family Entertainment presented new musical directions - drawing on folk, blues, country and pop - and stands as an indisputable classic.
This edition of Family Entertainment is presented in digisleeve packaging with a pull-out poster (featuring lyrics on the reverse).


Music in a Doll's House
1 The Chase 2:13
2 Mellowing Grey 2:49
3 Never Like This 2:18
4 Me My Friend 2:00
5 Variation On A Theme Of Hey Mr. Policeman 0:24
6 Winter 2:26
7 Old Songs For New Songs 4:17
8 Variation On A Theme Of The Breeze 0:40
9 Hey Mr. Policeman 3:13
10 See Through Windows 3:43
11 Variation On A Theme Of Me My Friend 0:22
12 Peace Of Mind 2:20
13 Voyage 3:34
14 The Breeze 2:52
15 3 X Time 3:50
Bonus Tracks
16 Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens 2:52
17 Gypsy Woman 3:25
Family Entertainment
1) The Weaver's Answer
2) Observations From a Hill
3) Hung Up Down
4) Summer '67
5) How-Hi-The-Li
6) Second Generation Woman
7) From Past Archives
8) Dim
9) Processions
10) Face in the Cloud
11) Emotions